WK15-Art Activity- Design Thinking

  1. The one thing I have found myself highly interested in was a dental hygienist. With my major being so broad, it seems as if it’s one of the things that fits with this category. I know I would have to go through a series of school and studying. As I am researching, I must follow the guidelines in order to become a part of the American Dental Association. After completing all my schooling, I will be able to be officially license and start my own practices. By year 5, I can choose to either open my own facility to achieve this goal or just work with other dentists in their office.
  2.  This career path was actually my original dream I wanted to fulfill as I was entering college. Of course, it requires a lot of schooling and education in order to read that far. I know that I have to go through years and med school and studying in order to be strong in this field. After I have finished my schooling, I have to continue to practice with my official license. Hopefully, after all that schooling and licensing, this is the one where I hope to open up my own office for dermatology.
  3. As for the last career path, I am not as confident in since it is highly impacted. This is just like both of the careers stated above: intense schooling and continuous studying in order to truly fulfill this career. Yet, during the course of schooling, I can easily find internships to work in order to enhance my career such as working at drugstore pharmacies. With this type of experience, it would help me in the future since I’ve started my internships so earlier in my career. After I graduate with an official license, I hope to work in my own lab or joined with someone to distribute medicine.
  4.  IMG_8522.JPG.jpeg

WK15-Classmate Conversation-Derek Chow

This week I was able to meet a really nice guy named Derek Chow! He is currently majoring in Kinesiology in hopes of pursuing his career of a Physical Therapist. He is very involved in his studies and always completes assignments the day they are due instead of just waiting. All this hard work has been paying off due to his work ethics and I personally think he will be able to pursue his dream career. Other than studying, he enjoys to hangout with his friends and he is into photography. Derek really enjoys adventure and loves finding new places to capture with his lenses. IMG_8514.JPG.jpeg

WK14- Classmate Conversation- Anthony Estalilla

This week, I was able to meet someone who shared the same interests as me: Anthony Estalilla! He is currently a second year, psychology major who  switched from Molecular Biology after my first year because chemistry was not something he was confident in. He works at  currently work at Poke Kai and I got to admit, I really LOVEEE poke, sushi, sashimi, just raw fish in general!  I found out that he is currently  on the Men’s Club Volleyball team on campus and they play in tournaments against other universities. I used to play volleyball as well when I was in high school.  We are both part of greek life, since he is a member of the fraternity Zeta Mu Beta. I am glad I was able to talk to Anthony since he and I agree that we love being busy and having something to do, but it can get stressful at times. Though, the stress and the work that comes out of it is rewarding!




WK14- Art Activity- Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I think this has been one of my favorite art activities so far. We took a trip to the Japanese Garden and this has probably been my first time there! There are countless of times where I have planned to go, but ended up being too busy to. Yet, it’s okay because this week, class was held at the Garden!

Although that is primarily the main reason why I liked this activity, I warn you, I am not an artist! I was surrounded by so many things I could (try to) sketch out. It was extremely peaceful and the ambience was just wonderful. Yet, we were asked to sketch quite a few sketches. These two are just some of my “best” work hahaha. I think the idea of not erasing was something new and it really allows one to focus on their drawing.


WK13- Classmate Conversation- Roy

This week I was able to meet Roy! From first impressions, I can tell he was someone that was really cool and just seemed to go with the flow of things. I learned that he is a first year here at CSULB and currently resides in Carson. He commutes to school and so far, he is enjoying CSULB. In high school, he was interested in basketball and in his free time he usually just likes to kick back and watch some netflix. His major is Political Science and he hopes to use that in order to become a lawyer and go to law school. We both really enjoy the fact that college has much more freedom than in high school. It was nice meeting Roy and hopefully I see him more often to have more conversations! IMG_8416.JPG

WK13- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena Está Servida (Dinner Is Served)
Media: Steel, copper, brass, silver
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Website: www.kgrmetalcraft.com
Instagram: @kgrmetalkraft

Krystal Ramirez had an interest in art and jewelry making when she was younger, she even attended an art school. Ramirez is currently a student as CSULB. She is a metalsmith artist majoring in 3D media. She is working towards her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Her proximity is pretty close to here, since she is from Huntington Beach.

For this exhibition, it was arranged in a way as if one were to have dinner in their cozy home. Most of these objects were made of different types of metals that gave off different tones. Tools such as forks, scissors, cups, and so on were on plates in replacements of the food. Each tool complimented each other on the plate and nothing seems unusual or out of place. It took about three years in order to arrange and make this piece come to life.

The inspiration that came from this was the idea that the dinner table is the heart. This is where family matters are discussed, serious or silly. Dinner time was a way for everyone to get together and share their stories, laughs, cries. Ramirez often feels nostalgic as she thinks back to the truths and stories that were told at the dinner table. It’s almost like it is a safety place anyone in her family to look forward to coming home to.

The way everything was arranged was perfect. Everything complimented each other and upon talking to her, I realized there was a deeper meaning to this. Dinner is something I also do look forward to having with my family as well. Being a busy college student, I rarely get to sit down with everyone in the family to have dinner and talk. It is quite unfortunate with my busy schedule, so it is something I value having every time I am able to get the chance to. IMG_8410.JPG.jpeg

WK12-Art Experiences-Ethnography

This project was something I was afraid of experiencing. It is truly a bad habit, but I am extremely dependent on my electronics to keep me entertained. So, I was thinking about this the whole day: What should I do without electricity??? I started to do things such as playing outside with my dogs and taking them for a walk. I even jogged around the neighborhood for a bit. Then when it got extremely dark, the first thing that came into mind was to stay in bed. I laid in bed wondering what I could do and I thought to myself: I haven’t read a book in a while! So, that’s exactly what I did, I lit up a candle and started to read a couple of my old cosmopolitan magazines I had lying around.

After an hour or two passed, I was just so bored because I didn’t know what else to do so I fell asleep right away. Surprisingly enough, it was extremely easy to fall asleep since I know it should be a habit to turn off your electronics an hour or two prior to bed.

This experience made me realize how hard it was to resist staying away from my phone. Whenever I felt like there was nothing else to do, I wanted to reach for my phone so bad but I wanted to see how long I was able to last. I guess the solution was to just force myself to sleep.


WK12-Artist Conversation- Travis Lober

Artist: Travis Lober
Exhibition: WORK: it’s a four letter word
Media: printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

When Travis Lober was young, he was quite interested in art. All of his family members around him enjoyed art; even his dad received a Bachelor in Fine Arts. He was into trades and also a construction worker. He is currently a student here at CSULB Art School, pursuing his BFA and masters in printmaking.  Lober was a freelancer for kitchens and bathrooms. The inspiration from this exhibit came from his job as a construction worker.

The feel for his artwork is very realistic, mostly two-toned. They are all based on woods and tools as if it were attached to the building.  He went the route of choosing cool toned colors in order to prevent the bright ones from over doing the whole art work.  They all look like they belong together and definitely sets the tone of the room. There is nothing that screams at you, with bright colors.

It’s A Four Letter Word was influenced by his job, a construction worker. He discovered a passion for tool use and all around were filled with a variety of tools. Each work of art required construction and assembling, contrary to his job. It took about three years to finish these pieces. He was able to conform in his art work; rather than speaking he would like to communicate through his art.

This was quite an interesting exhibit since Lober was able to make a connection with his side job and passion. Each of these pieces all fit together and I like how it didn’t require much colors to catch my attention. It definitely shows through his artwork that it wasn’t something he just painted mindlessly, he put thought into his artwork in order for the viewers to understand the connection. 

WK11-Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence In The USA

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: yujiagn.squarespace.com


Yujia Gu is currently  majoring in graphic design. She is an international student from china and also received her BFA there. She has been in the United States for three years now and prior to coming here, her mother was extremely worried about her safety. Her mom was afraid due to the fact that she has herd a lot of talk about gun violence and a variety of instances where international students who get harmed, or even killed, by guns.

Throughout the entire exhibition, Gu reveals many statistics and facts relating to gun violence. There are things such as a projector to display the people who were shot during the last 72 hours. Gun violence is an extremely serious issue here in the United states that probably seeing it on the news is nothing new to the people who live here. That being said, something needs to change.

The inspiration for this exhibition all started with her mom. As I’ve discussed before, her mom was terrified to send her here to study internationally.  This project took about a year as she was surprised at the large number of how many people’s lives have passed due to gun violence. The purpose of this whole exhibit is to raise awareness for people to be more cautious with guns.

I though this exhibit was really well put together. This is something we see everyday in the news, and it’s honestly quite tragic. I believe that some people use guns so carelessly and there needs to be a change in the world in order to decrease the number of deaths and injuries. The facts are all there and finally seeing it through an exhibit really opens my perspective about this issue. IMG_8311.JPG.jpeg

WK11- Classmate Conversation-Miaya Cox

Today it was a wonderful time meeting a new friend who I’ve not seen before: Miaya Cox. Our conversation was quite interesting, I’ve discovered that she is currently on outstanding graduating senior status. She is graduating as a nutrition major and she has gone a number of places to study abroad. Most of her hobbies include being outdoors such as kayaking, hiking, and definitely traveling. Her friends are coming over from Europe and they are huge car fans. She has asked Donovan and I for some recommendations as to where she should take her friends since Donovan has a huge interest in cars. Other than that, our conversation mostly focused on places to travel and she recommended many places to visit in San Francisco. I really enjoyed this conversation! IMG_8315.JPG.jpeg