WK15-Art Activity- Design Thinking

  1. The one thing I have found myself highly interested in was a dental hygienist. With my major being so broad, it seems as if it’s one of the things that fits with this category. I know I would have to go through a series of school and studying. As I am researching, I must follow the guidelines in order to become a part of the American Dental Association. After completing all my schooling, I will be able to be officially license and start my own practices. By year 5, I can choose to either open my own facility to achieve this goal or just work with other dentists in their office.
  2.  This career path was actually my original dream I wanted to fulfill as I was entering college. Of course, it requires a lot of schooling and education in order to read that far. I know that I have to go through years and med school and studying in order to be strong in this field. After I have finished my schooling, I have to continue to practice with my official license. Hopefully, after all that schooling and licensing, this is the one where I hope to open up my own office for dermatology.
  3. As for the last career path, I am not as confident in since it is highly impacted. This is just like both of the careers stated above: intense schooling and continuous studying in order to truly fulfill this career. Yet, during the course of schooling, I can easily find internships to work in order to enhance my career such as working at drugstore pharmacies. With this type of experience, it would help me in the future since I’ve started my internships so earlier in my career. After I graduate with an official license, I hope to work in my own lab or joined with someone to distribute medicine.
  4.  IMG_8522.JPG.jpeg

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