WK12-Art Experiences-Ethnography

This project was something I was afraid of experiencing. It is truly a bad habit, but I am extremely dependent on my electronics to keep me entertained. So, I was thinking about this the whole day: What should I do without electricity??? I started to do things such as playing outside with my dogs and taking them for a walk. I even jogged around the neighborhood for a bit. Then when it got extremely dark, the first thing that came into mind was to stay in bed. I laid in bed wondering what I could do and I thought to myself: I haven’t read a book in a while! So, that’s exactly what I did, I lit up a candle and started to read a couple of my old cosmopolitan magazines I had lying around.

After an hour or two passed, I was just so bored because I didn’t know what else to do so I fell asleep right away. Surprisingly enough, it was extremely easy to fall asleep since I know it should be a habit to turn off your electronics an hour or two prior to bed.

This experience made me realize how hard it was to resist staying away from my phone. Whenever I felt like there was nothing else to do, I wanted to reach for my phone so bad but I wanted to see how long I was able to last. I guess the solution was to just force myself to sleep.



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