WK11-Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence In The USA

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: yujiagn.squarespace.com


Yujia Gu is currently  majoring in graphic design. She is an international student from china and also received her BFA there. She has been in the United States for three years now and prior to coming here, her mother was extremely worried about her safety. Her mom was afraid due to the fact that she has herd a lot of talk about gun violence and a variety of instances where international students who get harmed, or even killed, by guns.

Throughout the entire exhibition, Gu reveals many statistics and facts relating to gun violence. There are things such as a projector to display the people who were shot during the last 72 hours. Gun violence is an extremely serious issue here in the United states that probably seeing it on the news is nothing new to the people who live here. That being said, something needs to change.

The inspiration for this exhibition all started with her mom. As I’ve discussed before, her mom was terrified to send her here to study internationally.  This project took about a year as she was surprised at the large number of how many people’s lives have passed due to gun violence. The purpose of this whole exhibit is to raise awareness for people to be more cautious with guns.

I though this exhibit was really well put together. This is something we see everyday in the news, and it’s honestly quite tragic. I believe that some people use guns so carelessly and there needs to be a change in the world in order to decrease the number of deaths and injuries. The facts are all there and finally seeing it through an exhibit really opens my perspective about this issue. IMG_8311.JPG.jpeg


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