WK8- Classmate Conversation- Grace

I got to meet a nice girl named Grace for this weeks’ classmate conversation. Of course, Donovan was sitting right next to me so he just joined in our talk. What we mainly talked about was where we were from and whatnot. She’s from Irvine and commutes here, it takes her about 30 minutes in order to get to school. What is unfortunate though is the traffic to get here, which makes her wake up way earlier than she needs to in order to get here on time. She’s also a speech-pathology major and chose CSULB due to her major. I thought that was interesting because speech pathology was something I was once interested in when I was exploring majors. Some things she enjoys doing for fun is eating and hanging out with friends. I found out that she works at CoCo Ichibanya, which is a curry house place in Irvine. I always go to that plaza it’s located in (Diamond Jamboree)!


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