WK6- Zine

For this week’s art project, I decided to go with Zine since I am not much of an artist. I didn’t think flip books would be something I would be able to accurately do. I had no idea what a Zine was until this week and after looking at some neat examples, I’ve decided to focus mine on the concept of ”de-stressing”. I realized that throughout this entire semester, or anytime when school comes around, I start to stress and I forget to take care of myself. I realized that in my free time, I try to catch up on my relaxation techniques and here are some of the few things I do in my spare time.

I definitely find that tea and face masks help a lot with de-stressing and having time to yourself. Some of these activities can be done throughout the day, even if it’s a break from doing your homework or whatever it is that is overwhelming you. I know these aren’t the best drawings, but the message is definitely there!IMG_8072.JPG copy.jpgIMG_8074.JPG copy.jpgIMG_8073.JPG copy.jpg


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