WK5- Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Engineering, Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Yeri Hwang is an interactive artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of art techniques such as sculpting and drawing. She came from Torrance but had just moved to long beach about six months ago. This year is Yeri Hwang’s last year at CSULB. She is currently an undergraduate student attending the School of Art’s Studio Art Program. A lot of her art work is interactive and the reason being is she likes the viewer being able to experience the art for themselves. Along side with her sculptures, she also enjoys illustration, animation, and video art.

When you first walk into the exhibit, it starts off with all these sculptures concerning around identity. The first one was if you tapped on the base, the two fingers join together and a light goes off; as a symbol of “God” creating the earth in which we live in. Most of these pieces asks the viewer to give something of theirs and really think about your past experience in order to ”contribute” to her pieces. I am surprised that some of these were made from scratch.

Each of her art work tells a story and it is easy for someone to relate to. Everyone has their own story to tell, something that they’re hiding and Yuri wanted to give people the opportunity to do so. Each of these pieces allow someone to understand that in order to read the destination, there are rough challenges along the way. There are a variety of routes to take and it leaves one thinking “What would happen if I did this different”?

This gallery definitely was an eye catcher to me since it was very different. Each one was interactive and that was what drew me in. One of the pieces that definitely caught my eye was the altar where one is asked to write about forgiveness, whether it’s asking or to take the action to do so. It seems as if the broken glass represented the hurt we’ve all been through. It takes a lot in order to truly seek for forgiveness for your actions.



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