WK4- ART CARE PACKAGE- Best friend in San Jose


IMG_7948.JPG.jpegFor this week’s activity, I included items for one of my best friends who lives in NorCal. I haven’t seen her in a while and in this package, I included things such as pepper spray (to stay safe), a planner ( because I know she enjoys bullet journaling), an old disney pass, and some snacks! I specifically chose the shrimp chips is due to the fact that we have a history of constantly buying shrimp chips every week when we were a child. Also, we used to go to Disneyland a lot when she was down here in SoCal. The things I assembled are things that I would feel useful to her and describes her at the same time.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat is due to the fact that it’s something you can receive. Both give you the opportunity to be able to send something to someone, even if they are 100 miles away.The shrimp chips I included is something she will remember when she receives it. Just like for snapchat, you look at photographs that trigger a specific memory you had. Both the ACP and snapchat will inflict some type of memory when looked back upon. As for differences, I feel as an ACP is more intimate. The items are physically there and you are able to see it. As for snapchat, it’s just a photo that can instantly be gone.

I believe an ephemera is almost like a time capsule (if it is kept long enough). Its always good to have something to look back upon. Something as simple as a parking ticket can tell a crazy story.

I think that an ACP and an art gallery have many similarities. Both may inflict sentimental feelings and they are both very personal to the person who had put those pieces of art together. Depending on the person that is viewing the ACP or the art gallery, it is entirely up to their interpretations.

In order to put together an ACP it truly does take time and effort. I feel like an ACP gives the receiver something more physical to keep. Although it make take days, the anticipation and patience will be worth it. Whereas a snapchat, it’s something that you can quickly send to someone regarding bits of your everyday life. Both devices are great ways in order to keep in touch to someone close to you or even a stranger you have never met in real life.

When you are preparing your ACP with love, one is gathering all the things that have had some sort of memory to it. As one is assembling it together, they may take the time to reminisce about those moments. It may include things such as a letter, photographs, or sentimental items. It takes time in order for one to prepare an ACP with love, it’s not something that you can instantly throw together. As for a snapchat, it seems as if it’s more of like you’re living in the moment with the person who sent it. It can also portray the same idea that one is thinking of them when they are sending the snapchat.


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